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Easy and fast interlocking development to shorten the service launch period

KONA PLATE supports developers to build a payment platform in the easiest and fastest way.

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Easy and Flexible Interlocking Development of KONA PLATE

To enable developers to build custom services Provides a flexible open API and sandbox environment.


Development Friendly APls

Open APIs for Developers

It provides a development-friendly API that enables easy and flexible interlocking development for any Architecture.

Interlocking development within 90 days.


Various core functions

Interlocking flexibility

security stability

API details

Sandbox Environment

Safe Testing Environment

In order to build a perfect service, feel free to test and check all core features of KONA PLATE in a sandbox environment.

Free Test

Check Core APIs


UAT Test

Final check for service launch

This is the final inspection step to ensure that the development is safely interlocked with our architecture. Release your service in the fastest and most accurate way by passing the UAT test.

Interlocking development within 90 days Interlocking development within 90 days Interlocking development within 90 days Interlocking development within 90 days

Technical support from payment experts

To build a payment service that is right for us Get technical support from KONA I payment experts.


Easy and Fast Linkage Development with KONA PLATE to focus on service Development

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