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User RegisterSearch for Member InformationMember Password Reset and ChangeMember Information ChangeMembership CancellationChecking Log in ID checkActivation of Dormant MemberSearch for Terms and Conditions ListTerms and Conditions Agreement/WithdrawalCI 값으로 회원 정보 조회Financial Institution List InquiryReal Name Verification for Account holderAuthentication code generation before ARS authentication.Bank account registration via PGSearch for Account Registration StatusBalance Limit Increase(Individual card)Microdeposit Verification(1 KRW)Microdeposit Verification CheckApplication for Issuance and Delivery of Prepaid CardCancellation of Card ApplicationReissuance of Prepaid Card (Replacement Issuance)Reissuance & Renewal of Prepaid Card to be ExpiredSearch for Card Delivery StatusSearch for Mobile Card Application Information Linkable to Physical CardPhysical Card RegistrationSearch for CardUnregistered card inquiryModification of the Card’s StateDiscarding a CardBalance Limit Increase(Individual card)Balance Limit Increase(Coporate card)Inquiry of Coporate Card Identification StatusApplying For Income Tax DeductionInquiry of Card Tax Deduction StatusCard-User Mapped InquiryCard Product ID InquiryApplication for Issuance and Delivery of Debit CardCancellation of Card ApplicationSearch for Card Delivery StatusPhysical Card RegistrationSearch for CardModification of the Card’s StateModification of the Card’s LimitDiscarding a CardApplying For Income Tax DeductionInquiry of Card Tax Deduction StatusIssuance of Disposable TokenChargeCancellation of ChargeChecking Result of Charge & Cancellation of ChargeChecking Transaction History기준 하한 및 월정액 자동 충전 활성화기준 하한 자동 충전 등록월 정액 자동 충전 등록기준 하한 및 월정액 자동 충전 목록 조회기준 하한 자동 충전 등록 해제결제 시 자동 충전 등록결제 시 자동 충전 등록 해제결제 시 자동 충전 목록 조회Issuance of Disposable TokenSearch for Refund FeeRefundChecking Refund ResultSystem RechargingSystem Recharging CancelSystem RefundSystem Partial Refund편의점 충전/출금 요청Deposit Transaction InquiryDeposit Balance InquiryIssuance of Disposable TokenPaymentCancellation of PaymentNetwork Cancellation of Payment Checking Transaction HistoryChecking History of Point TransactionSearch for CardReservations & Cancellations of Point UseChecking History of Point TransactionReservations & Cancellations of Coupon UseChecking Coupon List SecuredUse a charge couponUse a exchange couponCancellation of use of a exchange coupon.Deleting a CouponStamp card accumulation history inquiryCheck the list of stamp cards held by memberInquiry the list of mileage cards owned by member.Mileage card accumulation history inquiryTransfer to CardTransfer to Card ReceivingCard Transfer RejectionCard Transfer CancellationIssuance of Disposable Token for ATMATM Withdrawal ReservationATM Withdrawal Reservation CancelATM withdrawal information inquiryTransfer card balanceE-coupon Policy SettingE-coupon Policy InquiryE-coupon Policy Details InquirySingle E-coupon IssuranceE-coupon Cancel IssuanceE-coupons Bulk IssuanceBulk E-coupon issuance cancellationE-coupons Bulk Issuance Result Inquiry E-coupon redemptionE-coupon redemption cancellationE-coupon redemption void transactionE-coupon Issurance inquiryE-coupon Redemption Transaction InquiryE-coupon RegistrationModification of E-coupon validity dateDeleting a CouponGifting E-couponAcceptance of E-coupon giftingRejection of E-coupon giftingCancellation of E-coupon giftingGifting E-coupons Info InquiryGifting E-coupons CountingCreation of merchant groupsMerchant Group ModifyMerchant Group InquiryMerchant Information InquiryAdding merchants to merchant groupsMerchant removal from merchant groups현금영수증 발행 요청현금영수증 발행 취소현금영수증 국세청 오류건 재발행